The 2015 Festival will take place on April 17th, 18th, and 19th at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. Stay tuned!


Feeling nostalgic? Here's the lineup from last year's festival:


Opening Night Shorts Program 

7:00 PM ••• APRIL 3   

Introduced by Anna Lappé of the Real Food Media Project

Our opening night program introduces viewers to subjects from beekeeping to baking to what sausages get up to on vacation. We meet the creator of Sriracha hot sauce, hear a poetic approach to public health, and find out what happens when you don’t tip your waiter. Join us for our opening program and stay for the after party!


  • Real Food Media Project Winner Homeward (Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, 4 min)
  • Japanese Knotweed Quiche (Aube Giroux, 3 min)
  • Beekeeper, made by hand (Keith Ehrlich, 6 min)
  • Wurst (Carlo Vogele, 6 min)
  • Josey Builds A Bakery (Najeeb Tarazi, 15 min)
  • Purest Poison (Jamie DeWolf, 5 min)
  • Waiter Duty (Jason Wolos, 11 min)
  • Sriracha (Griffin Hammond, 32 min)

Served with: Earthbound’s Spring Salad, Josey Baker Bread & Sriracha Cream Cheese

Your ticket also includes entry to our opening night celebration at Root Division (3175 17th St & S Van Ness). Join us for free food from Luke's Local, Earthbound Farm, Bi Rite Market, and Suppershare, local wine from Farm Line Wines and beer from Calicraft and Deschutes, Mezcal from Mezcales Gourmet Oaxaca, with live music by Hannah Rifkin & The Handsomes.


More Than Honey

7:00 PM ••• APRIL 4

(Markus Imhoof, 95 minutes)

Introduced by Robert McKimmie of City Bees

The bee movie to end all bee movies,  More Than Honey is is a film on the relationship between mankind and honeybees,  about nature and about our future. Honeybees show us that stability is just as unhealthy as unlimited growth,  that crises and disasters are triggering evolution and that salvation sometimes comes from a completely unexpected direction. Exquisite macro-photography of the bees in flight and in their hives reveals a fascinating,  complex world in crisis. Narrated by John Hurt. Don’t miss this one on the big screen.

Served with: Hey Honey! Lemonade and Honey from City Bees


American Meat

9:00 PM ••• APRIL 4

(Graham Meriwether, 90 minutes)

American Meat is a pro-farmer look at chicken, hog and cattle production in America. Beginning with a history of our current industrial system, the feedlots and confinement operations are unveiled, not through hidden cameras, but through the eyes of the farmers who live and work there. From there, the story shifts to Polyface Farms, where the Salatin family has developed an alternative agricultural model based on rotational grazing and local distribution. The film explores the frontiers of sustainable meat production in America through the eyes of farmers.

Shown with: I Kill (David White, 10m)

Served with: Sausages from Llano Seco.


Goats & Goatees Brunch at 18 Reasons

11:00 AM ••• APRIL 5

Calling all artists, filmmakers, musicians, and even those without goatees! Join our four-legged friends for a very special brunch at 18 Reasons. Pet the goats, sip the coffee, and get ready for a day of amazing films (starting with, yes, a gorgeous Italian film about goats).


Le Quattro Volte (The Four Times)

1:00 PM ••• APRIL 5

(Michelangelo Frammartino, 2012, 88 minutes)

A mystical meditation on life’s transformations, Le Quattro Volte is also a very real depiction of life on a small town in southern Italy. Young goats and an old goatherd are some of the stars of the film, which features almost no dialogue and gorgeous images drawn from rural Italian life. Directed by Michelangelo Frammartino.  Fans of last year’s film “The Last Shepherd” shouldn’t miss this one!

Served with: Goat cheese and pesto pizza from Goat Hill Pizza.


Farms & The City

4:00 PM ••• APRIL 5

Shorts program, 100 minutes

Urban farming is flourishing across the United States and around the world. Join us for a celebration of urban agriculture featuring three great new films: 

  • Brooklyn Farmer is the story of the Brooklyn Grange, a rooftop farming cooperative, turned an empty rooftop in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard into a functional, and profitable, 2.5 acre rooftop farm. The new project has been called “the largest rooftop urban farm in the world.” Follow the farmers in their first year of production. 
  • Abalimi, a short film by Marysia Makowska, is a short documentary film about Xhosa women farming in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa. The Abalimi program teaches people to create their own gardens, grow – and potentially sell – their own vegetables, and feed their families.
  • Growing CitiesFilmmakers Dan Susman and Andrew Monbouquette take a road trip and meet the men and women who are challenging the way this country grows and distributes its food, one vacant city lot, rooftop garden, and backyard chicken coop at a time. Join them as they discover that good food isn’t the only crop these urban visionaries are harvesting. They’re producing stronger and more vibrant communities, too.

Followed by a short panel discussion led by Eli Zigas, Urban Agriculture Manager at SPUR, Hannah Shulman, San Francisco’s Urban Agriculture Coordinator, Brittany Cole, urban goatherd, and Novella Carpenter, farmer and author of Farm City and The Essential Urban Farmer.

Served with: Toasted farro with Alemany Farm beet greens, cilantro, and mint. 


L’Amour des Moules (Mussels in Love)

7:00 PM ••• APRIL 5

Willemiek Kluijfhout, 73 minutes

The Belgians and French look forward to it with bated breath: the start of the mussel season in the Dutch province of Zeeland, like many other aficionados. But how does this shellfish end up on our plates? And why do we love them so? Mussels in Love (“L’Amour des Moules” in French) is a feature-length documentary that reveals the life of the Zeeland mussel in an intimate, humorous way, with playful music and fascinating close-ups that turn the shell-fish into abstract art. We get to observe its complete life cycle: the mussel that loves, the mussel that holds on with all its might, and the mussel that is cast off by the storm. On its odyssey from seabed to restaurant plate, the mussel encounters passionate enthusiasts who – like itself – fall in love, struggle and overcome.

Shown with: Marcel, King of Teruven (Tom Schroeder, 5m)

Served with: Mussels from Frjtz


The Fruit Hunters 

APRIL 6 ••• 1:00 PM

(Yung Chang, 95 minutes)

You can find them deep in the jungles of Borneo, in the hills of Umbria and perhaps even in your own backyard. They are fruit hunters, the subjects of the new film from acclaimed director Yung Chang (Up the Yangtze, China Heavyweight). The Fruit Hunters travels across culture, history and geography to show how intertwined we are with the fruits we eat. Our guides are devoted fruit fanatics. Movie star Bill Pullman’s obsession leads him on a crusade to create a community orchard in the Hollywood Hills. Adventurers Noris Ledesma and Richard Campbell scour the jungle for rare mangos, hoping to intervene before the plants are steamrolled by industrialization. Pioneering scientist Juan Aguilar races to breed bananas resistant to a deadly fungus that threatens the worldwide crop. And fruit detectives including Isabella Dalla Ragione investigate Renaissance-era paintings for clues, hoping to rediscover lost fruits. And, of course, there are the fruits themselves, presented in all their mouthwatering glory: cherimoyas, ice cream beans, durians and more.

Served with: Exotic and native fruits from Veritable Vegetable.


Savory Shorts

4:00 PM •••  APRIL 6

Three short films explore sustainable shrimp farming, the mobile world of taco trucks, and nose to tail cooking – with coconuts.

  • Coconut Nose to Tail (Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine, 4 minutes) No part of the coconut goes to waste in this entertaining short.
  • Facing Climate Change: Potato Farmers (Ben Drummond and Sarah Joy Steele, 5 min) John O'Conner grew Idaho potatoes where they had never been grown before. Then the state bought his water rights, and land that once grew thirsty crops is now providing wind energy
  • Lonche (Claire Weissbluth, 2013, 20 minutes) Travel California’s backroads with two very different taco trucks: one serving office workers in Silicon Valley, the other serving strawberry and raspberry pickers in the Pajaro Valley.
  • Raising Shrimp (Sarah Curry, Fish Navy Films, 2014, 60 minutes) Shrimp is our most popular seafood item (we consume a billion pounds a year). But 90% of our shrimp is imported, and most of that is farmed, not wild caught. Filmmaker Ted Caplow and scientist Andy Danylchuk search for a seafood we can all believe in. Ultimately, they find hope in a most unlikely place, as their journey makes a sharp turn into modern agricultural science.

Served with: Shrimp cocktail from Natural Shrimp.


Coffee & Chocolate

7:00 PM ••• APRIL 6

What better way to end our festival than a coffee & chocolate dessert? Three delicious films:

  • Yoshi’s Blend (Mackenzie Sheppard, 9 minutes) A mini-documentary telling the heartwarming story of Professor Yoshi Masuda and his effort to bring coffee and community to the tsunami and earthquake stricken areas of east Japan.
  • The Way Back to Yarasquin (Sarah Gerber, 35 minutes) This film explores the coffee economy from Honduras to San Francisco, following Mayra Orellana as she organizes a social enterprise in her small town in Honduras, while working with roasters from ROASTCO, Blue Bottle, Cole Coffee, and other San Francisco favorites to connect consumers, roasters, and farmers.
  • Nothing Like Chocolate (Kum-Kum Bavnani, 60 minutes) An incredible journey into the world of eccentric chocolate visionary Mott Greene, the founder of the Grenada Chocolate company. The first “tree to bar” chocolate company making chocolate in the country where it is grown, Mott’s devotion to the environment also led to the invention of a solar-drying ship to export the chocolate. Tragically, Mott passed away in 2013, but his chocolate lives on; recently, Grenada Chocolate was named one of the most influential candy bars of all time by Time Magazine.

Served with: Hot Cocoa & Dark Chocolate from Granada Chocolate

Join us after the final screening for a closing reception at Dandelion Chocolate featuring local treats from Dandelion and Smitten Ice Cream (affogato, anyone?).  Make sure you choose the ticket that includes the after party on EventBrite!